Changing lives, Changing attitudes

Special Olympics was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver (1921-2009), the sister of former American president John F. Kennedy. In 1963 she started organizing summer camps for people with an intellectual disability. This was such a success that it leaded to the founding of Special Olympics Incorporated in 1968.

Special Olympics Inc. has turned into the world’s largest sport organisation for people with an intellectual disability: every week more than 4 million athletes are active in more than 170 countries under the guidance of millions of volunteers.

Special Olympics Netherlands is part of this worldwide movement which strives to improve the lives of people with an intellectual disability through organising sporting events. Through the power of sports, people with an intellectual disability discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Our athletes find joy, confidence and fulfilment – on and off the playing field. Special Olympics Netherlands also strives to contribute to the positive awareness towards people with an intellectual disability.
“The care of my child has given way to pride!” according to the parent of a Special Olympics athlete. This makes you realize that participating in Special Olympics is much more than sport. Participating gives the athletes an identity and makes them self-reliant. It creates self-confidence and pride, not only for the athletes but also for family and friends.

In other words: Special Olympics changes lives and attitudes!

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