Opening – Closing Ceremony

A big part of the excitement for families is getting the chance to meet and mingle with sailors and other families from Europe. There will be many opportunities for this at the Sailing Venue. The yacht club is open for visitors and family. Due to the short distance of the racing area there will be an excellent opportunity to watch the races.

Also there will be spectator boats supplied for the families by the organizing authority. (free of charge)

Screens at the venue will show the races live by GPS tracking devices. These online races can also real-time being watched at any computer, tablet or Phone with an Internet connection.

The Competition venue is based at one location. Therefor there will be no transportation needed during the races and catering.

Shuttles will be available to take members of the Delegations to the housing and sports location. Distance between lodging and sports venue is approximately 2 km.

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