Program: 2 September 2023

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07:15 Breakfast on Stayokay
09:00 Departure from StayOkay to Sail location WSVR by bus
10:30 WSVR Sailing Location Langepad 27, Rotterdam (Kralingen)
Palaver – Briefing – Sailing

Divisioning and Regattas group 1, 2 & 3
Visitors Welcome – As far as possible, visitors can follow the races from the waterside
16:15 Departure from WSVR to Stayokay by bus
18:15 Departure from StayOkay to special evening
Visitors Welcome
19:00 Start of the special night
Diner music Party and Harbour trip

Only for participants and invited people
21:30 Departure from Spido to Stayokay,
End of the day

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